About Us

Creative Stack™ consists of a core group of strategic consultants leveraging a local and international network of specialist design and development hubs.

Forward by Greg Whitfield.


I started my career in Romania where I helped my brother grow his agency BrandUP from a 6 person team when I arrived to a 25+ team, with the honour of working with some of the biggest international brands like Samsung, BBC Formula 1, BAFTA Awards, LIDL, Telus International, IOC and Quixel.

We hit a world first in the broadcasting industry; the IOC platform we built for Quixel transferred over 1TB of broadcast quality content to 31 leading broadcasters and viewed by millions before, during and after the 2012 Olympics.

Working with such projects, in a diverse, dynamic team in a cross cultural, cross border environment presented many challenges and even greater opportunities which I am grateful for.

This experience led me back to UK to where I started to develop Creative Stack into a strategic consultancy that could act as gateway for businesses to specialist design and development hubs around the Europe.

Managing Director & Strategist

Mission Statement.

Creative Stack’s was formed to encourage the co-creation of value driven relationships between business owners and digital specialists.

Our mission is to develop a flexible resource network of specialists that can consistently deliver on the growing and changing business needs of our customers.

Creative Stack™ consists of a core group of strategic consultants leveraging a local and international network of specialist design and development hubs.

Guiding values and principles we share and promote.

Be a force to be reckoned with. Desire to grow yourself and make a positive impact on the growth of others

Connect truly and transparently to build trust and always remain accountable to those who depend on you.

80% of what you reap comes from 20% of what you sow. Focus on the 20% that will make the biggest impact.

We pursue our work with curiosity and vigor, always looking outside the box for answers.

We take the initiative to be creators because we believe there is no limitation to innovation.

We feel empowered to make a difference and give back.

Company History.


BrandUP, Founded by Colin Whitfield in 2010.


Greg Whitfield joins BrandUP in 2012 as head of UX.


BrandUP grows to 25+ employees by 2014.


Greg Whitfield opens first office in Brighton, UK acting as strategic arm offering project outsourcing services in 2015.


BrandUP’s UK branch rebrands into Creative Stack, as an independent strategic consultancy at the end of 2015 offering a complete range of Creative and Digital services including: Digital Marketing, Team Augmentation and Outsourcing Services locally and offshore.


Today Creative Stack manages over 120 highly skilled IT & Design professionals who are based in the UK and Romania.


Gregory Whitfield

Founder / Managing Director

Greg is a problem solver at heart, used to running high profile accounts & complex web/software projects from inception to maintenance. He has experience overseeing coordinated cross country and cross border teams in the UK, Romania, USA, France and the Philippines; consistently providing strong leadership for teams in cross cultural settings. He loves taking complex systems, workflows and processes and creating simple and unified solutions for systems online and within business.

David Parr

Chief Marketing Officer

David has over 15 years experience in digital media, bringing a proven knowledge of creative strategy, communication and management with an emphasis in web technologies and digital marketing offering a competitive edge for global brands. He has extensive experience delivering industry recognised creative solutions and experience driving social brand engagement across mobile, web and traditional marketing platforms. Expertise in brand development, advertising and brand campaign strategy alongside new business development.

Alex Lamba

Chief Technologist

Alex is as complete a software engineer as one could hope for. Coming initially from a design and UX background, completely self taught, he is a Senior Full Stack Developer and Architect (PHP, Ruby on Rails, NodeJS, Go). He has a love for machine learning and Artificial Intelligence research, constantly building data driven tech products in his spare time whilst also teaching Ruby on Rails at the University of Bucharest.

Technologies: PHP, Ruby in Rails, NodeJS, Go, Python, React JS, Angular, Vue, HTML5/CSS3, Javascript, Typescript, SQL (RDBMS) databases, Non SQL databases (Mongo, Cassandra, Redis).

George Guruianu

Chief Operations Officer

George has an extensive project management background in medium to large technologically led development projects spanning over 10 years. He specialises in Information Systems Design, Project Management, Team Management, Operations management, Supplier Management, Management, Strategy, Systems architecture, Solution Design, Continuous Process Improvements.

Industry Certifications: IT Service Management practitioner: ITIL Service Design, Strategy, Operation PRINCE 2, Six Sigma, Microsoft MCSA, HP AIS, CISCO CCNA.

Andrei D.


Represented Central and Eastern Europe in Microsoft Imagine Cup Final in Seattle, USA.

Technologies: HTML 5, CSS3, JavaScript, Angular JS, Bootstrap, Laravel, Slim Framework, Lumen, PHP, Node.js, MySQL, MongoDB, MariaDB, Oracle, MS SQL, Typescript, Ionic, Slim Framework, Eloquent ORM, Python, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Continuous integration using Git Lab, Task automation tools (Gulp, Grunt), RabbitMQ, Kong.


Team Leader and Architect

Leading the offshore development teams of Magento Enterprise for some of the largest airline companies in the world. Architecting complex applications of live data streaming in the Trading Industry. Choosing the appropriate technologies. Researching new tools and technologies. Automating environments and build process. Staff training and career development. Alex is also a IT University Teacher.

Andrei Ban v.2.0

Senior Project Manager and QA director

Andrei has over 4 years experience in application development. The technologies he has used while building the front and back-end layers are varied but cover Javascript, XML, (X)HTML, CSS, PHP, MySQL & Java J2EE. He has also worked as a Java developer and QA engineer. His all-round experience with different technology stacks and agile project management have allowed him to grow into a highly effective technical project manager and QA director.